Index - Culture - Accused of making a profession of his warmth

Index – Culture – Accused of making a profession of his warmth

Index has once again revealed its podcast studio to a flashy guest. This week’s guest on Sunday Brunch is Marc Lacatos. The designer also brought his liveliness and dash with him. As it turns out, he has an opinion on everything. He took a deep breath half an hour before the show, and eventually she blew him up as he tackled the following topics

  • Take the power of online fashion shows
  • Body representation
  • Spring fashion trends can also be used for the average person
  • Bringing ’80s fashion back into everyday life
  • Quick végnapjai fashion
  • Closed fast food
  • Pollination with eyes
  • His relationship with Tamas Nari

As a bonus, he told me one day on a show that he made a career out of being gay. He expresses his opinion on this and much more in circular Baroque sentences and in a very pleasant way.

During the discussion, some previous articles were referenced in the index, which represent local public figures Muller CeciliaAnd the Dóra Dró He analyzes his dress. Of course, Marc Lakatus couldn’t go to the index given by Tamas Nari Great interview Not even.

Hear what you have to say about them, stay with us!

Guests of previous Sunday brunch programs:

Part 1: Clara Spilac Voiced by Hungarian actress Carrie Bradshaw

Part 2: Foot wiki, Singer of Margaret Island band, columnist for Pilvaker

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