Index - Culture - A new ruler on the throne of destructive Christmas music

Index – Culture – A new ruler on the throne of destructive Christmas music

Like the rotting plastic now found in the bodies of all living things in the form of microplastic particles, pop music, including pop music that crowns the rush of consumption, displaces nearly every part of the human brain.

A textbook example of this is, of course, Christmas Pop Music and Legendary Destruction last christmas Whack! from the band. George Michael’s voice sounds a little lackluster this year as another classic and impressive example of Christmas Pop, Mariah Carey and all I Want for Christmas Is You.

The all I Want for Christmas Is You Exactly ten years after last Christmas, it arrived in 1994 and quickly became the standard Christmas song. It became the eleventh best-selling single of all time in decades, selling about 17 million copies, and generating $60 million in royalties for its author and performer, five-time Grammy-winning R&B singer, Mariah Carey.

“He’s coming over there!”

song processing true love It was also heard in 2003 as an entry in the romantic comedy Christmas. In 2015, a children’s book was released, which sold 750,000 copies. In 2017, an all-night computer fairy tale movie of the same title was made in which Carrie plays a young girl who wants a puppy.

In light of all this, it may come as a surprise, but it didn’t make it to the top of the Billboard Hundred List when the fast-paced pop number of Tilted Christmas Songs was released, just 25 years later in 2019 – which explains why it’s popping up now. As a constant backdrop to visions of shopkeepers suffering from PTSD due to a plethora of shoppers spoiling the discounted stuff.

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Get ready, it's coming "all I Want for Christmas Is You"

Get ready, “All I want for Christmas is you” is coming

Netizens have reminded Evergreen this year of an energetic meme production that will allow Mariah Carey to officially sit next to George Michael on the throne of the pop kingdom at Christmas.

Anyone who missed out on the experience can make up for it by starting the video below:

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