Index - Culture - A Netflix CEO fired, fired

Index – Culture – A Netflix CEO fired, fired

The Hollywood Reporter wrote that Jonathan Friedland, the communications director at Netflix, was repeatedly fired for using the taboo term “nigger”.

According to the newspaper, Reed Hastings, president and CEO, has notified all company employees via email that the company will launch Jonathan Friedland. The communications manager used a term that was seriously offensive to blacks at a meeting. The issue has been reported by colleagues to Netflix management, MTI writes.

“I have decided to get rid of Jonathan Friedland,” Hastings notes in his letter, saying that Friedland’s use of the word testifies to an unacceptable insensitivity and insensitivity to racial issues.

Red Hastings’ letter reveals that Friedland first spoke at a meeting with his colleagues about the offensive words on screen exactly. His colleagues have already told him he used an offensive term that he also apologized for.

He is also burdened with the fact that later, when he spoke at an event considered to be black employees of the company, he did not raise the issue, which many interpreted as not taking responsibility for what happened. A few days later, two black human resources employees tried to help him deal with the first case when Friedland was black again.

Friedland confirmed in a statement to the Hollywood Reporter. He writes that leaders need to be pure role models, and unfortunately he fails to do so when he speaks of offensive terms in the meeting. Friedland joined Netflix in 2011. Before that, he was Director of Communications at Disney. He previously worked as a foreign correspondent for the Wall Street Journal and Far Eastern Economic Review.

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