Index - Culture - A celebration of Hatzrin in Marseille without restrictions

Index – Culture – A celebration of Hatzrin in Marseille without restrictions

On Sunday, more than 6,000 young people in costumes demonstrated in the city center of Marseille, southern France, threatening to close due to the growing spread of the Coronavirus epidemic.

The local governorate indicated that carnivores did not request advance permission to view and that the majority of participants did not follow health recommendations (distance, wearing masks).

Gorgeous! Someone said there is something not to be missed in Marseille

– (26 years), dressed as a baker, told AFP:

Young people are tired of being quarantined. There are no frail old people here, only the young.

According to the police, there were 6,500 carnivals. After not noticing the defensive distance and not wearing the mask in the unreported accident, many were immediately fined, but the police did not intervene in the event. But at the end of the procession, people were dispersed by force.

A year ago, the Marseille Carnival was missed due to the strict national lockdown. However, there are no restrictions currently in the southern city of France, although the number of infected people per 100,000 inhabitants has already exceeded 250, the alert level.

At midnight Friday, in the 16 most affected French provinces, new restrictions went into effect for a month: everyone can leave their place of residence without a time limit, but only in a certain region. Unlike nearby Nice, Marseille is not subject to the new restrictions, but wearing a permanent mask is also mandatory there and grouping is allowed for only up to six people.

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