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There are now a number of smoke-free technologies that differ from traditional tobacco products in their action and effect. But how does science address this issue? Our information video reveals research into these technologies, how leading professional and international bodies view the problem, and how users can make a responsible and informed decision about harm reduction options.

Smoking is a social problem in which not only the smoker is involved, but his immediate environment as well, so harm reduction has a major role to play. However, in order to assess our possibilities, we need to see clearly, which is only possible if we have a thorough knowledge of the facts. Of course, it is best that we do not get used to smoking, or if we are already smokers, quit as soon as possible. If for some reason this is not the case, it is a good idea to familiarize yourself with the harm reduction options.

Anyone who wants to form a firm opinion about smoke-free techniques needs to know the scientific basis, the different procedures, and the methodology used to subject these new alternatives to different research. We’ll help you with this in our information video!

Smoke-free technology and science

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