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Index – Belfold – A retired woman, at the age of 63, she was exposed to the world of alternative music

Index – Belfold – A retired woman, at the age of 63, she was exposed to the world of alternative music

Rock, pop, jazz, and many other genres are an age-spanning form of self-expression for young adults. It is not surprising that the environment of the capital and megacities pampers university students and young people with colorful musical performances as never before. Over the years, this music scene is gradually losing its attractiveness. However, there is someone who has not been affected by the passage of time in this regard.

I first appeared on the Ponton ship moored on the side of Pest, and this is where I first saw Zaekar, 4 streets It merges with a double concert audience.

Then several things came up, which made it clear: Annamaria is a character known and loved by many in the alternative community.

Known location of the A38 visited actually This week in the performance of H. Miklós Vecsei and QJúb, confirmed by his wrist. We can say that there is nothing special about this, except that Annamária is a single pensioner who did not accidentally throw himself on board these ships. The 65-year-old widowed pharmacist from Transylvania is a private novice. Before the regime change, Janos Koss and Laszlo Aradski performed there in the 1970s, but the “click” came after they moved to Budapest. Since then, there has been no stopping.

Accurate Instagram documentation temporarily disturbed by a phone error, numbering set there Annamária reports that it has passed its 500th concert. Sometimes he listens to several lectures a day. We could say that it is a musical carnivore, but that wouldn’t be accurate.

I’ve always loved music, but only listened to it online, and got carried away with Pink Floyd. I thought today’s music is about youth. Then on April 7, 2020, my sister’s birthday, I was sitting in the kitchen at home, a song was playing on the radio, and I had no idea who was playing it, only the title was playing: Good for me. That’s how it started

– Outline A38 On a sunny balcony. Then came the Pagossi brothers, whose music he felt, and he already saw that if the Gyergyó band so dear to his heart could sound with such penetrating power, the subject was worth a little research. He says there were no concerts at that time -, But he searched for everything on the Internet.

It turns out that other Transylvanian bands perform regularly in front of Hungarian audiences: the Bagosi next to 4S Ave Teddy Queenthe Sugarless and pallet. Until the Teddys did a concert of their own material, they also played songs from others, which featured Intim Torna Illegál, 30Y and Ivan & the Parazol. When the clubs opened after covid, Annamaria was already there. He also remembers well that the Bagossy Brothers party opened the series in Fertőrákos. He actually took pictures of this, but only months later realized that with such a massive visit to the party, the phone’s memory card quickly filled up with pictures, so the pictures and videos ended up on Instagram. At the moment there is not much feedback on those, but who knows, maybe one day they may still be important to someone – explains the desire for documentation.

“The alternate world really took me away”

They moved to Hungary in 1993. The pharmacist took all his time there. Since a pharmacy could not be opened without a pharmacist, he worked 10 hours a day. Already retired at 63 years old, but still working, the new passion created very difficult conditions. A car ride in the evening, a drive 50 kilometers to Budapest, and back after a concert, it’s 100 – he recalls the recent past, adding that this is a drag on current fuel prices. With these ticket prices, he doesn’t even go to Sziget, he can see the artists he’s interested in elsewhere anyway. If he really gets together, he goes to 10-12 concerts a week, sometimes moving from one place to another.

“The alternate world really took me away,” he adds with a smile.

He also follows the artists of the 70s and 80s at the level of the news, he is touched when Tamas Somlu, Janos Kobor or Udam Turok leave the stage forever, but he notes with equal sadness when, like a stranger or an intimate heroine, an ensemble made up of young people ends.

Every music speaks to me differently, but I feel that none of them are indifferent. I also watch folk and jazz, but I also attend metal concerts. Now Esti Kornel is my favorite.

Of course, he’s gone for Tankcspad, which can fill stadiums, but – he says – he’s seen it on a smaller scale. He also adds that although he likes to watch musicians up close, he’s not striving to get to the front rows at Lazarvs and AWS concerts playing stronger music. The world of mega shows and superhero parties leaves him completely cold, and the sense of immediacy that matters to him never escapes him. He also has other reservations with Ákos.

What do your relatives and acquaintances say about your new hobby? “Well… extends the word, and suggests a lot.” They are not very happy. The reason is simple: family events are often replaced by a promising party.

(Cover photo: Péter Papajcsik / Index)