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Index – Al Watan – Donald Trump on Viktor Orbán: He is the president

Index – Al Watan – Donald Trump on Viktor Orbán: He is the president

Viktor Orban wrote on the video he posted on his social networking site about the meeting with Donald Trump: “Thank you, Mr. President.” The former United States president – who will face Joe Biden again soon – said in the video:

No one is smarter or a better leader than Viktor Orbán.

Then the American politician also confirmed that the Prime Minister of Hungary “is doing a great job”, “he is not a controversial figure, because if he says it will happen, it will happen.”

He is the leader, and he is a great and wonderful leader in Europe

He said, adding that it was an honor for him to have the Hungarian Prime Minister visit his country.

Many people strongly criticized the meeting

As we previously reported: Viktor Orban and Donald Trump met for the third time this week. The former US President received the Hungarian Prime Minister at his home in Florida on March 8, and the meeting ended with dinner and a concert.

Political scientist Zoltan Lackner evaluated the visit in an interview as follows:

Viktor Orbán has become a global star of this self-proclaimed populist, extremist, far-right political movement, which is the banner they are raising. In this sense, Orban also serves as a reference point for Trump

It is to explain.

István Ojeli, the Social Democrats' representative in the European Parliament, published an opinion piece on Index about why the Orban-Trump duo “look like the little mouse and the elephant in the joke.”

The international press also reacted to the meeting, and Joe Biden also expressed his opinion about it. We wrote more about what he said here.