Index - Abroad - You can get a health card in France

Index – Abroad – You can get a health card in France

Actions planned by France Coronavirus infectionClement Boone, Minister of State for Europe, said Sunday that the owner’s negative health certificate will also include negative PCR tests.

Vaccination cannot be the only magic word to resume activities, otherwise we will create a very unfair two-speed society. We need different solutions, we need to expand our tools. At the moment, the coronavirus vaccination is only available for people at risk and the younger age group will not be able to reach it until summer. With a negative PCR test, you can currently board a plane and travel anywhere in Europe, because a person with a negative PCR test does not pose a risk.

The Foreign Minister confirmed. The French government It is studying the introduction of a health card to lift the epidemiological restrictions, including the opening of restaurants and cultural institutions closed due to the epidemic. However, the certificate will not be a certificate of vaccination.

There may be an application, or a vaccination card may be presented to prove that someone is protected, a PCR test or a reliable rapid test, which also means that someone is not a danger.

Clément Beaune added. The Secretary of State also drew attention to the fact that due to a person being vaccinated and protected, it is not yet certain that he will not transmit the virus. European Union heads of state and government are calling for further consultations on vaccination certificates.

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