Index - Abroad - “We know his killers” - Jan Kociak was killed three years ago

Index – Abroad – “We know his killers” – Jan Kociak was killed three years ago

On Sunday, Slovak President Zuzana Shabutova received a bouquet of flowers and a candle in front of the memory of fact-finding journalist Jan Kuciak and his fiancée Martina Kucnerova, who was killed three years ago. The politician said that their deaths were not accidental, and that the events of recent months support the truth of all the doubts that Jan Kuciak wrote about.

We know and know the face of the perpetrators of the murder today, but the Slovak judiciary also desperately needs to convict the perpetrators of this murder and I am very confident that we will understand that in the coming months. Please dedicate a moment of silence to John and Martina tonight

Quotes Explosion From the president’s statement.

Jan Kuciak, a 27-year-old fact-finding journalist, and his fiancée Martina Kouchnerova, were murdered on February 21, 2018, at the couple’s home in Grand Midi. Their bodies were found four days later. The assassination caused tremendous social anger, and on March 9, 2018, a wave of protests began under the slogan of an investigation into the matter and cleaning up political life, first Marek Maaric, Minister of Culture, then Robert Kalinak, Minister of the Interior. Finally, on March 15, 2018, Prime Minister Robert Fico and the entire Bratislava Council of Ministers resigned.

For revealing a murder, he wrote in the anniversary article Teacher An international investigation team was set up, and finally on October 21, 2019, the case was brought against a well-known businessman, Marian Kushner, a mediator, Alina Zsuzsova, the murderer himself, Miroslav Marchik, and his partner, a man named Tamas Szabó. Miroslav Marchik is making a confession in the case, which was sentenced to 25 years in prison, including another sentence for murder. Tamas Szabo denied his guilt throughout, but he was also sentenced to 25 years.

The guilt of Marian Koener and Alena Zuzova cannot be proven beyond a reasonable doubt, they were acquitted, but the verdict is not final, and the Slovak Supreme Court can rule on the case. When, this is not yet clear.

Marianne Conner withdrew € 50,000 from the bank the day after the double murder.

Jan Kuciak’s last article was about the system of relations established by the Italian mafia, the Ndrangheta, in Calabria with representatives of the Slovak political elite, including Maria Troskova, aide to the then prime minister. This article Click here It can be read in Hungarian.

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