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Index - Abroad - Voted to restore the right to abortion nationwide in the United States

Index – Abroad – Voted to restore the right to abortion nationwide in the United States

Proposition 219 supported and 210 opposed. The House also passed another law in the ratio of 223:205, in which it is forbidden to punish a woman or a minor for Having an abortion in another countryAnd the US news agency (Associated Press) wrote on Friday, if interference is not allowed in his place of residence.

The legislation is unlikely to become law because

The Senate does not have the Democratic majority needed to pass it.

At the same time, the House vote opened a new chapter in the debate that has divided the United States and caused major headaches for lawmakers and local governors after Referring the regulation of abortion to the competence of Member States.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi called it a disgrace that fifty years after Roe v Wade, “women must once again fight for their basic rights against an extremist court.”

Republicans objected to the new legislation passed by the House of Representatives and welcomed the Supreme Court’s decision. Republican Representative Cathy McMorris Rodgers said the Democrats’ decision “has nothing to do with protecting women’s health and trying to impose an extremist ideology on the American people.”

The US Supreme Court decided at the end of June that Turns the Roe v. Wade case. In the 1973 legal case, the body declared it unconstitutional Restricting abortion rights. As a result of the change, Member States are free to dispose of On the regulation of abortion. According to the Associated Press, half of states may ban miscarriage.

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