Index – abroad – US ships bound for the Black Sea

2021.11.01. 21:25

One of the US Navy ships, the USS Mount Whitney, is conducting joint operations with NATO forces and federal partners in the Black Sea. Carpathian News.

The flagship of the Sixth Fleet has begun its journey north to the Black Sea to conduct military operations with our allies and NATO partners in the region.

– read out in a US Navy statement.

A few days ago, the USS Porter was launched into the Black Sea by the American missile launcher.

a TASZSZ Russia is ready to respond if a US warship enters the waters of the Black Sea and provokes a provocation, the Russian news agency Konstantin Kosachev, head of the Russian parliament’s foreign affairs committee, said.

Countermeasures may be needed, but I am sure that we will apply them only if the Americans cross the red line and provoke the Russian fleet, cross the border of the Black Sea, and enter our territorial waters. We have repeatedly shown that the Russian side is determined on this matter

Kosachev said.

As previously reported by the index military forces Russia was concentrated near the Ukrainian border. According to satellite images, the team’s movement has been observed in the area for weeks. As it turned out, Russian forces did not approach the southern and eastern borders of Ukraine for military purposes.

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