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US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken does not expect a breakthrough in security talks between the United States and Russia this week, but he hopes to find common ground on the crisis in Ukraine. The politician stated this on CNN’s State of the Union.

I don’t think there will be any breakouts next week. We offer to discuss questions. The Russians are doing the same and we will see if there will be a basis for progress

said the head of US diplomacy. According to Anthony Blinken, any progress will depend on the steps both sides take in the trial, which Washington hopes will prevent another Russian invasion of Ukraine.

All steps to be taken by the United States, NATO and Europe to resolve the issues must be reciprocal, and the West will not agree to unilateral concessions. Blinken also warned Moscow of the danger of confrontation.

We have a way of dialogue and diplomacy to resolve some differences and avoid confrontation. (…) The other way is confrontation and far-reaching consequences for Russia if it attacks Ukraine again. We’ll see what path Putin takes

Blinken said. Anyway, Russia is already on Sunday He said Nor is he ready to make any concessions in the midst of next week’s talks on the Ukraine crisis amid “threats”.

Anthony Blinken stressed that it would be difficult, if not impossible, to make progress amid a large-scale deployment of Moscow’s armed forces along the Ukrainian border.

It is very difficult to expect an outcome now in the midst of the current escalation, with Russia installing weapons in the temple of Ukraine with hundreds of thousands of troops on its border.

He said on ABC TV this week.

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Representatives of the United States and Russia sit at a negotiating table in Geneva to discuss the crisis in Ukraine. Russia is demanding, among other things, that NATO not include Ukraine in its membership and that it withdraw US forces from countries on NATO’s eastern borders. Blinken said on Sunday that neither of the demands were on the agenda for the talks. Speaking to ABC about the protests in Kazakhstan, the politician said Washington was waiting for an explanation from Kazakhstan’s leaders about why they needed to call on Russian-led security forces to end the internal unrest and criticized the government’s order to shoot.

Speaking to CNEWS on Sunday, France’s Europe Minister Clement Bonn said the EU should not be excluded from talks on Ukraine. According to the minister, one should not walk into the trap of Russia. On Friday, a French politician complained that Moscow is trying to bypass the European Union and thus is in direct talks with the United States.

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