Index – Abroad – UK legislates that vertebrates have feelings

Environment Minister George Eustice told the Sunday Times that the UK legislates that vertebrates are capable of excitability, “all animals that have a spinal cord”.

The new legislation is expected to be II. Queen Elizabeth announced in her traditional government statement on Tuesday.

The law stresses that animals are also aware of their own feelings and emotions, and are able to experience joy, joy, suffering, and pain. The minister says Britain wants to be a world leader in animal rights and that vertebrate law is a pillar of that strategy, MTI wrote.

Other bills prohibit the import of hunting spoils, the export of live animals, and the raising of primates as pets. As part of its animal welfare strategy, the government also wants a ban on fur imports. They also want an end to the brutal killing of pigs.

According to Eustice, all this sends an important signal to the world. He said many of the changes – including a ban on the export of live animals – were only possible after Britain left the European Union. The minister also stressed that Boris Johnson was the first prime minister to make animal welfare a part of government policy.

Opponents of the plans say Johnson defends animal rights solely because of the personal views of his fiancée, Carrie Symonds. However, according to the environment minister, the prime minister and himself are as “excited” about this as Symonds, a former Tory spokesman.

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