Index – abroad – Trump’s candidate won in one of the most liberal states

Donald Trump supported byJeff Dale was a member of the state legislature. Her Democratic opponent in the November 8 midterm elections will be Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healey, who, if elected, could become the state’s first female governor and openly lesbian.

Massachusetts had been governed in the previous two terms by Republican politician Charlie Baker, who had not run for re-election.

Trumpism is coming if the Democrats don’t win

On primaries night, Jeff Dell spoke about building his campaign on people’s freedom, rights, and prosperity. Today, he says, people prefer to leave Massachusetts, a state they once viewed as protecting their freedom and providing a better life for their families.

Maura Healey won the Democratic primary without opposition. On election night, not even knowing the name of his Republican opponent, he declared that whoever would confront him would bring “Trumpism” to Massachusetts, and that his values ​​would not conflict with his own.

The results of the poll predict the success of the Democratic candidate in the state gubernatorial election.

Before the midterm elections, according to MTI, Massachusetts was one of the last primaries in the United States. In the liberal states on the East Coast, along with Massachusetts in Maryland and New Jersey, where moderate Republicans had had success in previous years, now

Candidates backed by Donald Trump will face the Democrats in the November elections.

On November 8, in addition to the governors, the new members of the US federal legislature, that is, the House of Representatives and the Senate, will also be elected.

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