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Index – Abroad – Travelers to the UK can expect this, the Home Office has warned

Index – Abroad – Travelers to the UK can expect this, the Home Office has warned

A whole series of work stoppages for UK Border Police (BF) employees. Covers the Christmas and New Year travel period: Their union announced the measure from December 23 to 26 and from December 28 to 31. Britain’s Home Office has warned travelers not to wait longer than usual, as well as the potential for delays and disruption.

The strikes do not affect Luton and Stansted airports located north and north-east of London respectively, where the majority of travelers arrive from Hungary. On the other hand, border police workers are striking at two other major international airports in London, Heathrow and Gatwick, which are also served by flights from Hungary.

The strike also affected airports in Birmingham, Cardiff, Glasgow and Manchester. According to sector forecasts, nine thousand scheduled and charter flights are expected to land at these airports during the entire period of the strike chain, with 1.8 million passengers on board, MTI reported.

Electronic entry gates are recommended

The Home Office in London a They are going to Great Britain Check your flight departure with the airline, travel agency or tour operator. The ministry recommended that eligible travelers use electronic entry gates (eGates) during the strikes.

These gates can be used by those with a passport with a biometric ID, who have reached the age of 12 – although people between the ages of 12 and 17 can only use the e-gates when accompanied by adults – and British, EU, American or Canadians, Australians, or citizens of New Zealand, Japan, Singapore, South Korea, Switzerland, Norway, Liechtenstein, or Iceland.

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The British government failed to meet demands for higher wages

The British Border Force staff union justified the strikes by saying that the government had offered a wage increase of only 2% instead of the 10% demanded by the interest group. Britain is experiencing a wave of strikes unprecedented in decades these weeks, mainly because the cost of living is rising at a rate not seen for forty years.

According to UK Statistics Office (ONS) data, the 12-month inflation rate in Great Britain was 11.1% in October and 10.7% in November. In recent days, railway workers, teachers, hospital nurses, paramedics and bus drivers have gone on strike. The railway workers are currently on strike and will start another five-day strike on January 3 if no agreement is reached on their wage demands by then.

From 23 December They ordered the soldiers Going out to British airports so they can step in to maintain border security.