Index – Abroad – Too many nuclear missiles, and a wind farm can’t be built in America

In the 1960s, when the United States became a nuclear state Impasse With the Soviet Union at the time, the Air Force deployed hundreds of nuclear missiles in rural areas of the country, such as parts of Colorado, Nebraska, Wyoming, North Dakota and Montana, he wrote interested in trade.

Now these missiles prevent the region from harnessing what could be one of its most valuable resources: strong winds that can be used to drive power-generation turbines, a local newspaper reports.

The free flat press The Nebraska independent news portal contacted last week reported that the U.S. Air Force, which began taking steps in 2019 to thwart a wind turbine project in the state’s southwestern Banner County, now appears to have hammered the final nail in the proposed project’s coffin. Three hours northeast of Denver.

Two renewable energy companies, Invenergy and Orion Renewable Energy Group, selected Banner for “the world’s unique wind conditions.” The companies wanted to build a total of 300 turbines in the area.

But the US Air Force said the turbines would pose a “significant safety risk” to pilots – especially during storms or snowstorms. The Air Force uses helicopters to inspect nuclear silos and various security operations. There are 82 missile silos in the affected part of Nebraska still active.

(Cover Image: George Rose/Getty Images)

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