Index - Abroad - Today, euthanasia is legal in Spain

Index – Abroad – Today, euthanasia is legal in Spain

A bill to allow and regulate euthanasia was passed at Thursday’s session of the Spanish Parliament in Madrid. The legislation will come into effect three months after its publication in the State Gazette (BOE), leaving time to prepare to provide conditions for each county, MTI writes.

By law, adults who are terminally or intolerable and have lived in Spain for at least a year can apply for their death. The application is reviewed in a multi-stage delegation process by a committee of health and legal professionals, during which the applicant must confirm his intention at least four times.

Carolina Daria, Minister of Health, said that By adopting a law Spain has made progress in recognizing rights and is moving towards a “more humane and just” society.

The last time I conducted the survey was in 2019 in Spain. In a poll conducted by the Metroscopia Institute at the time, 87 percent of those surveyed were in favor of allowing euthanasia. With the adoption of the legislation, Spain became the seventh country in the world and the fourth in Europe to be legal mercy killing.

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