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Index – Abroad TikTok has moved on, and European users can be very happy about it
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Index – Abroad TikTok has moved on, and European users can be very happy about it

TikTok has announced that its new European hub has finally taken off, and the company will now control data management processes, and focus on protecting it.

TikTok will now monitor broadcasts, perform an independent audit, and report any anomalies if necessary.

According to Tik Tok

The company will monitor the data received from and to the center, so that it can ensure that employees do not misuse the personal data of users.

The company first promised in 2020 the creation of European data centers, which were expected to start in 2022. However, the launch of the center became more urgent after data protection concerns arose around the world around the company.

As we wrote, the Global Action Center against TikTok began in India in 2020. The video-sharing app was added to the list of banned apps after bloody clashes on the border with China, and New Delhi then claimed it was protecting its sovereignty. In the same year, former US President Donald Trump accused TikTok of being used by Beijing for espionage.

TikTok has acknowledged that employees of its parent company, ByteDance in China, had access to US account information, but has always denied handing over the data to the authorities.

And in March this year, the European Commission and European Parliament banned the use of the app by their employees. The European Union cited data security concerns. Many countries have followed the European model, including Australia, New Zealand, Canada, the United Kingdom and the United States.

And the current US President, Joe Biden, has previously threatened to completely ban the application from the country if it does not violate the background of Chinese ownership.