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Index – Abroad – Thousands of people have been evacuated in China

Index – Abroad – Thousands of people have been evacuated in China

According to geological experts, there may be underground caverns more than a kilometer below the surface and this may have caused cracks to appear. The local government announced that 3,899 people have been evacuated from at least 3 high-rise buildings, MTI reports.

Suddenly, the authorities classified what happened as a geological disaster. “This is something extremely rare,” said an expert at Tianjin City Hall. The local council does not rule out landslides due to the drilling of underground wells.

According to experts, the high-rise buildings overlooking the street were damaged to varying degrees. Pictures and videos posted on social media showed crumbling asphalt pavement, while others showed part of a building’s wall tiles falling to the ground.

The incident also raises concerns about the safety of the buildings In Chinaas the government implemented stricter rules and guidelines and imposed severe penalties for contractor negligence in building properties.

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