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Index – Abroad – There are so many patients in Brazil that there is no longer enough oxygen for ventilators

Index - Abroad - There are so many patients in Brazil that there is no longer enough oxygen for ventilators

Dozens of injured people had to be evacuated from the Brazilian city of Manaus because the medical oxygen needed to operate the ventilators had run out. News agency.

Manaus hospitals have been overcrowded recently due to the spread of the epidemic.

Many died on Thursday as their ventilator ran out of oxygen.

Meanwhile, more oxygen shipments arrived in Manaus, but unfortunately for some people those shipments were late.

Finally, the Brazilian authorities said Thursday night that 235 injured people will be airlifted from the city to hospitals in five other states in the country, as well as in the Brazilian capital.

We need help. Our people need oxygen

Said Wilson Lima, Governor of the Amazon state.

He also thanked other Brazilian governors and mayors for helping Manausan after news from the city flooded social media pages in Brazilian language.

Brazilian Vice President Hamilton Murao said on Twitter that the country’s air force had transported more than eight tons of hospital equipment, including oxygen cylinders, to Manaus due to the emergency.

Federal prosecutors in Manaus said the military plane carrying oxygen to the city “needs to be repaired” and the oxygen supply to the city has been disrupted, adding to the emergency.

A company called White Martins, which produces oxygen cylinders that is shipped to Manaus, told the AP of the situation that the city’s oxygen needs “increased dramatically” in recent days and continued to grow. They also emphasized that the city’s isolated location poses serious logistical challenges to suppliers.

Since December, the Coronavirus around Manaus has become a new virus alternativeScientists say that the spread of the disease may have contributed to such an increase in the number of infections in the region.

Pedro Hallal, an epidemiologist at Pelotasi University, said that while there is no evidence for this yet, it is very likely that the new mutation could lead, at least in part, to a very rapid increase in the number of cases.

If the new virus was already present in Manaus in mid-December, it could now be widespread

– Tell.

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