Index - Abroad - The vaccination scandal in Romania: More than 7,000 people received the vaccine in reverse

Index – Abroad – The vaccination scandal in Romania: More than 7,000 people received the vaccine in reverse

More than 7,000 people have been vaccinated against the Coronavirus, including more than 5,000 employees of national security and judicial institutions, in violation of the rules of the National Vaccination Strategy, registered Fact-finding portal referring to data from the Bucharest Ministry of Health.

Hundreds of people selected before the doctors were vaccinated, and more than four thousand non-priority citizens were suffering from chronic diseases, including family members of soldiers and government officials.

– Portal news quotes in the name of MTI.

In Romania, in the first phase of the vaccination campaign, health workers can be vaccinated, and in the second phase, which began on January 15, chronic patients, people over the age of 65 and members of work groups who are at high risk or at risk from infection have been vaccinated. The third phase of the campaign for the general population has not yet begun.

Tricks and explanations

The registrar indicated that the suspected vaccination centers had previously explained the exceptional vaccination of acquaintances and relatives by saying that the remaining doses at the end of the day in the open six-dose Pfizer vials will be destroyed if they are not used.

However, according to the Ministry of Health, there are several vaccination centers where more than five unauthorized people were vaccinated on certain days, so new vials were opened precisely because of them.

The newspaper put together a “master list” of vaccination centers for hundreds of unauthorized people, including two military hospitals. They may also impregnate their close relatives, although the registrar says there is no legal basis for this.

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On Wednesday, the Ministry of Defense rejected the assumption that the ministry would not follow the rules of the vaccination strategy. According to the ministry, about 33,000 people were vaccinated at the military vaccination centers, among them 19,000 active employees in the ministry, about 5,000 veterans and 4,500 family members who were vaccinated there were eligible to be vaccinated in the second phase of the campaign, most of them because of Omar.

The Romanian press speculated that the armed forces and the intelligence services were bothered by “excessive transparency”, especially after some newspapers began an article about a “parallel vaccination campaign.” Based on the published data, a civilian anti-corruption group found:

More than 75 percent of the vaccination centers in Bucharest operate in a “closed system”, and it does not appear in the official appointment portal.


Hardly a third of those who were vaccinated in the first days of March received the vaccine via an appointment on the official portal, and twice this number were vaccinated as part of the “parallel campaign”.

In Romania, 1,300,000 people have so far been vaccinated, and 673,000 have received both doses.

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