Index – Abroad – The United States sends $ 75 million to Palestine and reopens its consulate in Jerusalem

The prime minister met with Abbas a few hours after he also met with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in Jerusalem, who assured him of the United States’ support for Israel’s security. Writes New York Post.

The US Secretary of State received the Palestinian President in Ramallah. Anthony Blinken also said here that he had informed Netanyahu that he would reopen the consulate in Jerusalem in order to “absorb the Palestinian people.” He added that the Biden administration would work with the United Nations, its international partners, and the Israeli government to assist in the Gaza reconstruction effort.

He also said that he has informed Abbas and Netanyahu of $ 75 million in aid, and plans to spend more than $ 32 million on additional humanitarian aid. He claims that there is more than $ 360 million in ongoing aid to the Palestinian people. But he indicated that they would work to ensure that Hamas does not benefit from all of this.

The $ 75 million US aid also represents a confrontation with former US President Donald Trump’s policy of cutting ties with the Palestinian self-government in 2018.

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