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As promised, new US President Joe Biden signed a decree on the United States’ return to the Paris climate agreement as one of his first steps after taking over the White House on Wednesday, nullifying one of the most serious decisions of his Republican predecessor, Donald. Trump, MTI reported.

Trump, who has been fiercely opposed to the global pact signed by 195 countries around the world in 2015, notified the United Nations in 2019 of the United States’ intention to withdraw and formally withdraw his country from the agreement last November. The former president relaxed a number of environmental regulations.

One of Biden’s main campaign promises was to return America to the Paris climate agreement on the first day of his government.

We are preparing for climate change in a way that we have not yet done

The head of the Democratic Party stated before signing the decree in the Oval Office.

United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres quickly welcomed Biden’s decision, noting that so far, countries that emit two-thirds of the carbon pollution on Earth have pledged to achieve carbon neutrality. UN spokesperson Alex Sayre said Washington’s return to the agreement could take effect thirty days after Biden informed the world in a letter. Frans Timmermans, Vice President of the European Commission, also welcomed the move.

Re-accession would put the United States on a path of 40-50% reduction in carbon emissions within ten years.

Biden also signed other decrees on Wednesday that could gradually eliminate the Trump administration’s setbacks on climate protection. It imposed a temporary moratorium on recently approved oil and gas extraction developments in the Alaska Nature Reserve, instructed federal authorities to consider introducing stricter fuel consumption and emissions standards, and joined the Keystone XL oil and gas plant under construction between the United States and Canada. For the disputed gas pipeline plan to revoke Trump’s license.

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