Index – Abroad – The United States is the number one partner of the European Union

Since the United States considers the European Union its first partner, one of the goals of Anthony Blinken’s visit to Europe is to renew Washington’s relations with its allies and partners, in a meeting with the President of the European Union’s Executive Council.

Blinken, who visited the European Union after a two-day meeting of NATO foreign ministers, said reviewing a strong and fair economic recovery after the coronavirus outbreak was central to a number of common challenges, including climate change, China and Russia. . With the European Union.

He also spoke about the fact that democracy faces challenges all over the world, and in this regard, the United States and the European Union defend their common values. He said there is a debate about whether democracy or authoritarianism offers better solutions for the future.

It is up to us to unite and show the world what democracy can do for us and for others

Blinken said.

Ursula von der Lige stressed in her welcome that the United States is an important and valuable partner of the European Union, and therefore proposes that the Union set a common agenda with Washington to confront the challenges facing the parties and seize common opportunities.

He also said that their discussion will focus on managing the Coronavirus epidemic and an overview of the epidemic’s effects on the economy and society. The two parties intend to boost the provision of vaccines and finance the development, production and supply of vaccines.

We need to join forces to defeat the epidemic

He indicated that the European Union and the United States agreed in early March to suspend for a period of four months imposing all criminal penalties on their respective exports to obtain subsidies. He explained that the two parties still need to make progress in a number of areas that need to be resolved in order to establish smooth trade and economic cooperation between them in order to exploit common opportunities.

He also stressed that he looks forward to discussions on major international and security issues, including relations with China, Russia and Turkey, as well as the southern neighborhood of the European Union and the Western Balkan countries.

The EU Commission chief added that since there are common concerns between the EU and the US, they need to work closely together to address them effectively.

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