Index – Abroad – The United States is facing a series of natural disasters

Approximately 120 million Americans are affected by varying degrees of heat alarms issued in the Midwest and South. According to the National Weather Service’s forecast, due to the high pressure air masses, temperatures are expected to be much higher than normal and even record temperatures this week. Due to the high humidity and hot air, the temperature in some places can exceed 37 ° C.

Great heat In Spain It also makes people’s lives bitter, The weather service there expects that no relief is expected before Friday.

back to the United States. Alex Lammers, an American meteorologist who has been reported by many American newspapers, predicts that storms, hurricanes, unexpected floods and torrential rain can occur in heat-affected areas. Flooding in Yellowstone Park has caused extensive damage in western parts of the country, according to a video posted by the National Parks Bureau. The huge national park, which spans across several member states, was closed on Wednesday.

Yellowstone will never be the same again

Several American newspapers wrote about the devastation.

Almost all entrances to the 9,000-square-mile national park, which borders the states of Wyoming, Montana and Idaho, have been closed due to extremely dangerous conditions due to a torrential rain-soaked river. Everyone was urged to leave the national park. The water level in the Yellowstone River has risen to record levels.

The floods triggered mudslides that blocked many parts of the roads and many bridges are in danger. In California and Arizona, where chronic droughts are exacerbated by wildfires, heat alerts have been ordered. On Tuesday, flames erupted over more than 120,000 acres in New Mexico. New Mexico and nearly the entire southwestern United States were devastated by historic droughts and dozens of wildfires erupted before summer even started, MTI writes.

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