Index – Abroad – The United States has been rebuked by Kim Jong-un’s sister

The powerful younger sister of North Korea’s supreme leader Kim Jong Un warned on Tuesday that the country is ready to respond with overwhelming force to military action by South Korea and the United States.

The provocative military actions and all kinds of rhetoric by the United States and South Korea, which are too insane to ignore, are forcing North Korea to respond.

– said Kim Jojong Korea Times He added, “We are constantly monitoring the troubling military actions of the US forces and the South Korean puppet army. We are ready to take appropriate, swift and overwhelming action at any time at our discretion.”

He also stated that the United States and South Korea should refrain from any further behavior that would exacerbate the situation.

His remarks came after Seoul and Washington conducted joint air exercises on Monday that included a nuclear-armed B-52H strategic bomber. The United States also sent a B-1B strategic bomber for another exercise on Friday. In less than a week, the Allies are planning to conduct Exercise Freedom Shield from March 13-23, with plans to conduct several joint field exercises across the Korean peninsula.

(Cover photo: Kim Goojung. Photo: Jorge Silva/Pool/Bloomberg/Getty Images)