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The United Kingdom is considering whether to join a new European political alliance proposed by Emmanuel Macron next month. In the spring, began the formation of a new political organization that Ukraine and other non-EU countries to be more connected to the EU.

Downing Street wants to see more details about the summit before Les Truss first Minister will commit In addition to participation, a final decision has not yet been made.

It will provide more freedom of movement and security

Emmanuel Macron suggested that the group discuss security, energy and transport, as well as making space for people, especially young people. The goal is to create a forum beyond the 27 member states of the European Union.

Similar ideas have been floated for decades, but this is the first large-scale initiative to create such a forum since Brexit.

UK officials a BBC They are looking for assurance that the meeting will not be dominated by EU states or institutions.

Great Britain wants not only the member states of the European Union, but also other actors to participate in the meeting.

All 27 member states of the European Union have been invited, as well as the United Kingdom, Ukraine, Norway, Switzerland and Turkey.

maybe six Western Balkan countryIceland, Liechtenstein, Moldova, Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan are also invited.

Before accepting the invitation, Britain will consult with the Ukrainian government as well as with NATO’s military-defense alliance. The founding meeting of the European Political Group will be held on 6 October in the Czech capital, Prague.

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According to the initial agenda, the focus of discussions Russia’s invasion of UkraineThere will be an energy crisis for the economy and Europe.

Ukraine officially became a candidate country for European Union membership in June, while several Western Balkan countries have been trying to join for years.

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