Index - Abroad - The tallest tower in the European Union is built in Poland

Index – Abroad – The tallest tower in the European Union is built in Poland

The 53-storey building is 40 cm higher than the London Shard designed by Renzo Piano. Within Europe, only Russia has a taller building, outperformed by a total of five, among which the Lakhta Center in Saint Petersburg is 462 meters high.

The construction of the tower started in 2016, the original was for 2020 It should have been completed – he wrote Architects Forum.

The skyscraper is being built as part of the development project called Varso Place, in connection with which two lower buildings, these blocks were designed by the architectural office Hermanowicz Rewski in Warsaw.

The building is located in the commercial center of Warsaw, next to the Palace of Culture and Science and Warsaw Central Railway Station. Until now, the palace, built in 1955 in a realistic socialist style, was Poland tallest buildingWith a height of 230 meters.

The investment is a project of the international real estate development group HB Reavis, whose headquarters are also located in the building. Other international and local companies and startups will move into the three-meter-high office space.

(Cover photo: The Warsaw Tower under construction in Warsaw, Poland on July 22, 2020. Photo: Jaap Arian/NoorPhoto from Getty Images)

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