Index - Abroad - The statue of Queen Victoria was demolished in Canada

Index – Abroad – The statue of Queen Victoria was demolished in Canada

The statue of British Queen Victoria in Winnipeg has been demolished. This gesture may be related to the fact that the remains of Aboriginal children have been found in several places, which sparked understandable outrage, particularly among the indigenous peoples.

Earthly children’s remains were found in boarding schools designed for The forcible integration of indigenous children into the European immigrant community. In the nineteenth. and XX. In the 16th century, about 150,000 children were kidnapped from their parents for education in Catholic schools.

The decision for the statue was made on July 1, Canada’s national holiday, which commemorates the formation of the Union.

Next to the statue of Queen Victoria II. The current Elizabeth Monument to the Governor also appeared on the grounds. fetch news Watchman According to him, both famous members of the House of Windsor are seen as symbols of the country’s colonial past.

After all, the Canadian anthem, which was not written by Aboriginal people, begins:

Hey Canada! Our home and our country! (Oh Canada! Our Home and Our Land!)

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