Index - Abroad - The Scottish National Party has called the Greens for a second independence referendum

Index – Abroad – The Scottish National Party has called the Greens for a second independence referendum

08.21.2021. 20:01
Edit Date: 08/21/2021 20:16

The Scottish National Party (SNP) signed a landmark agreement with the Green Left Party. The new consensus essentially guarantees a government majority for Scotland to start a referendum again on secession from the United Kingdom.

The coalition put forward by the governor, the Scottish National Party, could be a significant gesture for the Green Left party, which could move to the fore not only because of the focus on independence but also because of the upcoming climate conference in Glasgow. Politico. After the Scottish National Party failed to secure a majority in Parliament in the May election, a deal could be struck with the Greens that could kill two birds with one stone in a government led by Nicola Sturgeon.

In the Scottish parliamentary elections in May, the former ruling Scottish National Party won 64 seats in the 129-seat parliament, while the Greens managed to score their best result yet with 8 people.

Scotland held its last independence referendum in 2014, when a majority of voters supported maintaining the union with England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

The student party has always been on good terms with each other. Over the past five years, the Green Party has helped the SNP out of Parliament on several occasions. If all goes well, for the first time in the history of the Green Party, it can give ministers.

Complicating the situation, however, is that London has repeatedly indicated that it will do everything in its power to prevent a second referendum. The announcement of a new referendum was once again triggered by Brexit, as it was rejected by the majority of Scots.

The Conservatives from the EU party, understandably in the news, expressed their displeasure, saying the Green Left’s policies threaten to lose many businesses and jobs.

Scottish Labor leader Anas Sarwar called the Green Party straight from the SNP’s “branch office”.

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