Index - abroad - The Romanian president welcomed the Hungarians on March 15th

Index – abroad – The Romanian president welcomed the Hungarians on March 15th

“Dear Hungarians who hold Romanian citizenship! Today is an opportunity for you to strengthen and return to your global patriotic values, for those who make their country in unity, to be able to proudly declare their identity, with an inexhaustible historical and cultural heritage, ”said a statement issued by President Klaus Iohannes on Monday. website.

The salute scheduled for the Hungarian national holiday is exceptional, as Klaus Iohannes, a Saxon nationalist, has repeatedly made an anti-Hungarian voice in the Roman Parliament, partly due to aspirations of autonomy and the use of minority languages. The politician is already in his second term and has never addressed the Hungarian minority in Romania on the national holiday.

We also need to talk about the remarkable behavior of the Hungarian minority and its politicians in Romania, which contributed to the development of the majority society. We have taken very important joint steps together for European integration. We are the guardians of an ideal democratic system and a cornerstone of universal human rights. So together, we believe – learning from past events – that we can lay the foundations for a shared future. Our joint efforts to combat the epidemic and boost the economy have shown that Romanians and Hungarians alike can produce special values ​​that were not materialized before. The presidential message, which may have something to do with the fact that the Hungarian Democratic Alliance in Romania is currently working with Klaus Iohannes’s party, the National Liberal Party (PNL), says.

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