Index - Abroad - The return of Britons from abroad due to the Coronavirus pandemic

Index – Abroad – The return of Britons from abroad due to the Coronavirus pandemic

The UK government is planning to introduce a color-coded system similar to traffic lights to determine which countries the British can visit without re-quarantine after returning after re-authorization to travel abroad, which is currently banned due to the Coronavirus pandemic. .

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is set to outline key points of the vision on Monday. However, the details I previously described Downing Street on Sunday show that the government is preparing to create red, yellow and green denominations, according to the rates of coronavirus infection and vaccination in each country.

Returning to the UK from countries in the red and yellow categories should spend ten days in quarantine hotels or solitary confinement at home.

The restrictions aimed at curbing the coronavirus epidemic have prevented travel from England for a long time, except for very few convincing reasons.

The stated goal of the travel ban is to prevent tourists returning from abroad from introducing new variants of the Coronavirus, putting the results of the UK vaccination campaign at risk.

The “red list” still exists, as the UK government has placed in this category countries where different types of Coronavirus are spread, which experts say are of concern.

Foreigners who do not have the right of residence from these countries are not permitted to enter United kingdomThe British are returning from this group of countries, respectively United kingdomForeigners living in the city must also spend ten days in designated and guarded hotels at their own expense.

According to the London Prime Minister’s Office, the new color-coded system will maintain this requirement for countries in the red category. Returnees from countries with yellow codes can also spend ten days in self-quarantine at home.

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However, returning travelers from green countries will not be required to be quarantined upon returning home.

Permission to travel abroad for tourism purposes is set out in a detailed opening schedule established by the British government from May 17 at the earliest.

However, a special working group from the British government will study the possibility of re-authorizing travel well in advance of this possible date and will make its recommendations on 12 April.

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