Index - Abroad - The Portuguese virus situation remains grave

Index – Abroad – The Portuguese virus situation remains grave

On Friday, the number of people infected with the Coronavirus exceeded 750,000 in Portugal, and intensive care units were filled with hospitals, and for the first time more than 900 patients were being taken care of, according to the Institute of Public Health, writes MTI.

The number of hospitalized patients decreased by 84 compared to the previous day Intensive care units 904 patients are being taken care of with the Coronavirus, up 41 from Thursday. 258 new deaths were reported on Friday. In Portugal, the total number of infected cases is 755,774, and the number of active cases is 157,000. In the Iberian country of 10.3 million people, nearly 380,000 people have been vaccinated so far, and 100,000 have already received the two doses, said Prime Minister Antonio Costa.

In the spirit of European solidarity, Austria receives ten patients, five of whom are infected with Coronavirus, and five other serious diseases, and those in need of urgent surgery. patient

Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz announced on Friday. Portugal previously accepted Germany’s proposal to send a team of 26 military doctors and nurses to Lisbon on Wednesday, who would work in the eight-bed intensive care unit set up in a private hospital in Lisbon.

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