Index - Abroad - The outbreak of government crisis in Slovakia

Index – Abroad – The outbreak of government crisis in Slovakia

2021.03.03. 12:42
Modified date: 03/03/2021 12:42

The government of Igor Matovi, head of the Party of Simple People and Independent Personalities (OĽaNO), has entered a coalition crisis.

One of the coalition parties, the leader of Freedom and Solidarity, Richard Solik, is calling for a change of government.

Solik spoke about it at a press conference after the cabinet meeting. Due to the escalating coronavirus crisis, Marek Karraji (OĽaNO) definitely would like to see the Minister of Health replaced, but she is not satisfied with it. According to his information Igor Matovi also called for his replacement. However, he does not want early parliamentary elections. Solik put it this way: “Because in this way we are no longer able to work.” However, the ruling SaS leader added that he did not want to issue an ultimatum to his coalition partners.


According to the prime minister, the health minister could have taken a decision on the extraordinary purchase.

SaS President and People’s Party leader Veronica Rimisova will meet President Zuzana Shapotova in the afternoon to discuss the issue of reshaping the government. According to some information, it cannot be excluded that Matovich is also negotiating with the head of state today.


According to Sapotova, the use of the Russian vaccine is not a manifestation of courage.

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