INDEX – Abroad – The New Zealand Labor Party has elected the future Prime Minister as its Chairman

Former minister Chris Hepkins was elected president of the New Zealand Labor Party on Sunday, so he will become prime minister in place of Jacinda Ardern, who resigned this week.

Hipkins, 44, was the only candidate for the position, so his election should come as no surprise. He will be replaced by Carmel Cipollone, whose ancestors were Pacific – Tongan – indigenous people. The candidate for prime minister announced at a joint press conference with his deputy on Sunday that the oath of office will be taken on Wednesday, MTI writes.

Cipollone entered national politics in 2008: he became a Member of Parliament, the first Tongan in New Zealand.

The fact that I became Deputy Prime Minister is of great importance to the Pacific community. I will proudly represent Samoans and Tongans as well as New Zealanders of European descent, and all residents of the country, regardless of origin


The new prime minister and his deputy will lead the government until October 14, because there will be parliamentary elections.

Hipkins was also first elected to Parliament in 2008, and in November 2020 became Minister for Covid-19. After that, and until now, he headed a portfolio responsible for the police, education and public services.

Jacinda Ardern unexpectedly resigned on Thursday after five and a half years as prime minister.

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