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Index – Abroad – The Netherlands is fighting skin cancer in an unusual way

Index – Abroad – The Netherlands is fighting skin cancer in an unusual way

Citizens of the Netherlands can use sunscreen for free this summer, after a record number of skin cancer cases were recorded in the country in recent years, he wrote. Watchman.

The Dutch government has declared its desire to make the cream available to everyone, so dispensers are being placed across the country in schools, universities, festivals, parks, sports facilities and public spaces.

Venlo-Venray Hospital finances, in collaboration with state agencies, the application of sunscreen in a total of 120 primary schools in several settlements. Dispensers of hand sanitizers placed during the coronavirus pandemic are being turned into sunscreen holders, a spokesperson for the clinic said.

The Dutch authorities hope that through their campaign, the use of sunscreen will become normal and become part of people’s daily routine.

Sunscreen has been shown to provide the best protection against disease, so children should get used to using cream from an early age so that it becomes as ritual as brushing their teeth.

said a member of the North Sea Bathing Area Council.

Over the past two decades, the rate of melanoma patients has increased across Europe. in Germany in 2021 increased by 55 percent The number of deaths from skin cancer compared to 2001.

Central Europe experienced unusually high temperatures over the weekend and this trend is expected to continue.