Index - Abroad - The mood around the politician is toxic and the employees are destructive

Index – Abroad – The mood around the politician is toxic and the employees are destructive

Politician in the article He wrote that a “toxic environment” had developed around the vice president, and this was indeed reflected in the “chaotic situation” seen on the vice president’s recent visit near the Mexican border.

According to rumors, many have a conflict with Harris’ chief of staff Tina Flournoy, who takes no responsibility for anything and regularly blames subordinates for mistakes while their thoughts bounce one by one.

This environment is unhealthy, employees often feel mistreated and ignored

An anonymous source told Politico.

Many have already left the vice president’s office, including people who have worked there for years, and there are rumors that others are beginning to look for new jobs. This may also have contributed to CNN According to the White House, upon hearing rumors around the vice president’s office, he recently started fighting fires.

Sabrina Singh, Harris’s secretary, told CNN that what happened was that the vice president was fully involved in her work.

It is full of challenges, hard work and surrounded by a great supportive team. Other than that, I can’t say more about these reports

– This was already said by Jen Psaki, a spokesman for the White House.

Ron Klein, Joe Biden’s chief of staff, has learned a lot that the “Vice President’s results speak for themselves” and that anyone who can work in their environment can tell how much help they are to Joe Biden’s work.

It was Anita Dunn, a senior White House adviser, who actually acknowledged there were problems in the vice president’s office. He said what Politico described as “not close to reality,” but acknowledged that many of Harris’s subordinates may already be upset, especially since his last visit to the border.

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In addition to those on the list, White House staff have repeatedly described information about the vice president’s office as excessive or false. With the full-time attack, I probably want to prevent the Vice President and his office from being so poorly known.

However, the leaking of rumors appears to have led to so much positive progress that, according to a source working in the White House, work has also begun to resolve tensions in the vice president’s office.

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