Index - abroad - the madness reached a level: Apple created a 25 euro survey

Index – abroad – the madness reached a level: Apple created a 25 euro survey

2021.10.25. 15:53

So far, we’ve learned that anyone who wants to buy an Apple product — whether it’s an iPhone or a MacBook — has to dig deep into their pockets. It is also not necessarily unreasonable, because the products of the apple company are synonymous with quality. However, what the brand was slandering a few days ago is already a case that qualifies to hold back: It launched new wipes—let’s wait—for $19. The online store in Europe offers microfiber wipes from us for 25 euros and eight thousand forints with us, and they carry toxic substances such as sugar.

Last week, Apple created the new device With the MacBook Pro the 14-inch starts at 879990 Ft, and the 16-inch laptop is 1,079,990 which isn’t cheap but the consumer isn’t usually disappointed with the company’s products.

So far, that would be OK, except that a new $19 (€25 in Europe, €8,000 in Apple Web Store) wipes have been released on the new MacBookPro water, which has the official description:

The soft, non-abrasive cloth is used to safely and effectively clean the screens of all Apple products, including those made of nanoglass.

Now, while one can only laugh at human suffering – people on the Internet laugh too… – the arrogant carry the “special” cloth like sugar. Although the online store already has a delivery lead time of five to seven days, in the US, orders are not placed before January. As far as you know, I’m out of stock.

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Elon Musk, The owner of Tesla, the richest man in the world, started trolling. commented Tim Cook, To the Apple CEO’s Twitter post promoting their new store in Istanbul:

Know that most companies provide free cloth for laptops…

The specialized portal also draws the attention of consumers not to accidentally buy poisonous apple wipes, because in one web store you can buy twenty microfiber wipes for $ 12, which means that a piece costs only fifty cents.

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