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Index – Abroad – The epidemic and severe crises complicate the work of the new Italian government

Index – Abroad – The epidemic and severe crises complicate the work of the new Italian government

Italy’s prime minister, Mario Draghi, who stood up for the weekend, took an easy job. The Italian politician, who previously ran the European Central Bank, must lead his country out of a government crisis as it grapples with the coronavirus epidemic as well as recovers an economy that has been weakening for years. His six-party coalition also included a right-wing association named after Matteo Salvini of the regime-critical 5-Star movement, while the press described the cabinet as technocrats.

Mario Draghi presented his show for the first time before the Senate on Wednesday, but it is already certain that tackling the epidemic, health, education and the environment will be key elements of his ruling.

– Anna Molnar, head of the National University’s Department of Public Service, said to find the index. Italy was particularly hard hit by the first wave of the epidemic last year, with nearly 94,000 people in the country killed so far from the disease, while 2.7 million people were infected. In conjunction with the formation of the government, alarm bells rang again by Italian health professionals, who have urged the introduction of new, more stringent precautions due to the fastest spreading variants of the virus. As a result of the deteriorating statistics, security precautions were raised to orange in four bands on Sunday, the highest level.

For example, ski areas have been sealed in several places. However, in Italy the goal is to open up as quickly as possible

Anna Molnar added. Although the Italian economy is the third largest in the European Union, its productivity has barely increased over the past 30 years, while the unemployment rate is stable at around 10%. Three times in the past 10 years, most recently in 2018, the situation has been so critical that the epidemic has hit an already fragile economy, especially in the past year. Therefore, the federation will provide Italy about 220 billion euros from the recovery fund, and the budget plan must be submitted to Rome by the European Commission by April. The amount is historical, Anna Molnar said, and Italy had never received such much support from society before. He added that the support represents a great opportunity for Rome, which can provide a stable government for a period of time to a European country that has been suffering from successive political crises for years.

However, the € 220 billion grant contributed significantly to the downfall of Giuseppe Conte’s government in January of this year. Ministers of the Living Italy party, led by Matteo Renzi, abstained from voting on a program to use the money after Renzi accused the ultimately defeated Prime Minister, Conte, of wanting to dominate spending of EU money beyond his authority.

The bigger question for the coming period, then, is whether Draghi’s six-party coalition can successfully overcome the anticipated debates over the historic budget period.

However, in the anti-regime 5-star movement, not everyone is satisfied. The party decided to support Draghi in an online vote last week, but party members who told the EU Observer indicated that they said the vote was unreliable.

Meanwhile, the Brussels-based newspaper notes that this threatens the 5-star Movement unit rather than the Draghi government. This is what Anna Molnar, Head of NKE, thinks, in which the new PM sees a stable political background in the business.

Among the people, government support is now 68 percent, not as high since World War II

– The expert said, adding that with a large amount of EU support, Draghi will also receive significant external support from the European Community.

(Cover Photo: Mario Draghi, the former president of the European Central Bank, will hold a press conference at the Quirinale Presidential Palace in Rome on February 3, 2021 after he was asked by Italian President Sergio Mattarella to form a government of experts. Photo: Roberto Monaldo / MTI / EPA)

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