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Index – Abroad – The Dutch government separates from Facebook

Index – Abroad – The Dutch government separates from Facebook

The Dutch government has suggested that they could stop using their Facebook page, because the government considers the way the Mark Zuckerberg-led social media site targets its users a data protection concern – a matter that was discussed by the Dutch Secretary of State for Digital Affairs, Alexandra van Heuvelen, in For a politician.

The Minister of State announced that the government – which is currently assuming its duties and will lead the country until the formation of the government that was formed after the elections last November – is conducting negotiations with the parent company Meta, which owns Facebook, to take into account the results of the investigation. Dutch Data Protection Authority regarding their product called Facebook Pages.

Van Heuvelen hopes Meta will give them satisfactory answers before the summer legislative recess, or else

We will have to stop our activities on our Facebook pages

– said the Minister of State responsible for Digital Affairs, who said that the Dutch Data Protection Authority advised the government on March 26 to stop using the social networking site because, in its opinion, there is uncertainty on several fundamental issues. As the newspaper reminds us

Dutch officials first began raising privacy concerns about government Facebook pages two years ago, after the data protection authority revealed several significant privacy risks.

By the way, in a letter to representatives, Van Heuvelen wrote that he had negotiated with Meta several times, but the American company basically refused to amend, saying that it believed that the data protection assessment of the ministries was incorrect.

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Meta spokesman Matthew Pollard told the newspaper that they do not agree with the concerns raised by the Dutch government, and that they fundamentally misunderstand how their products work. In this regard, he said that all Meta products have been reviewed to comply with the laws of the region, and added that they will also work with the Dutch government to continue using the social site to communicate with voters.

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