Index - Abroad - The Donetsk Basin dispute will not end

Index – Abroad – The Donetsk Basin dispute will not end

The Ukrainian Operations Command reported that another Ukrainian soldier lost his life and another was wounded in artillery attacks on Saturday on the Donetsk Basin front.

They put it this way: in the past twenty-four hours, enemy forces have violated the ceasefire along the front line ten times, nine of which fired at positions of Ukrainian soldiers.

Among other things, they launched heavy weapons banned under the Minsk agreements, and on one occasion a drone, that is, a drone, flew over to the Ukrainian-controlled side, written by A

Two-thirds of Ukrainians fear a Russian attack, which is necessarily unfounded.

Armed conflict escalated in the Donetsk Basin after the killing of four Ukrainian soldiers on March 26. Since then, 12 Ukrainian soldiers have been killed in the region. The Telegraph Office reported that Kiev and Moscow hold each other responsible for the exacerbation of the crisis.

Ukrainian Chief of Staff Ruslan Homchak spoke in the Kiev Parliament on March 30 that Russia had gathered dozens of Russian tactical battalions under the guise of military exercises near the Russian-Ukrainian border and in the temporarily occupied territories of the Donetsk Basin and the arbitrarily annexed region. Crimea from Moscow. According to Ukrainian Military Intelligence, Russia has deliberately provoked a worsening of the Donetsk Basin crisis to test the reaction of Ukraine and its partners.

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