Index - Abroad - The Czech head of state was hospitalized

Index – Abroad – The Czech head of state was hospitalized

Czech President Milos Zeman was taken to hospital, days before he was authorized to form a government. Czech Saturday elections And then Fadl, the party of Prime Minister Andrej Babis, bled the United Nations, and was only able to win second place.

Milos Zeman, 77, has recently deteriorated in health, became very ill, was forced to use a wheelchair, and spent eight days in hospital last month.

The head of state, Doctor Miroslav Zavoral, told a news conference on Sunday afternoon that the head of state had been taken to hospital at his suggestion. Zavoral, who is also the director of the military hospital, said doctors know exactly what’s wrong with the head of state and are treating him appropriately, MTI reported. However, he indicated that he could not determine the disease Milos Zeman suffers from because he was not authorized to do so by the head of state.

In the morning Milos Zeman met Prime Minister Andrej Babis, whose ruling movement has so far lost the lower house election over the weekend. Babish left the presidential residence shortly before the ambulance arrived at the girl, but he did not comment on reporters.

Presidential spokesman Jerry Oveczyk announced Friday that Zeman is on sick leave for two weeks now, but that does not prevent him from fulfilling his duties as head of state. Due to illness, Zeman’s show was canceled for the next few days.

In the second half of September, the 76-year-old politician, whose second presidential term ends in March 2023, spent eight nights in the Central Military Hospital in Prague, the longest hospital stay during his presidency.

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At the suggestion of the doctor Zeman, he decided not to cast his vote this time, not in Prague, but at the country residence of the heads of state, the girl’s castle.

There have been a number of speculations in the Czech press in recent days
About Zeeman’s health. The presidential office described all this as baseless speculation and did not comment.

The boss had previously mentioned that even though Babish was defeated, he wanted him to continue his path To be seen at the head of the governmentPerhaps because of that they met on a Sunday afternoon. However, the meeting did not take place due to Zeman’s unease, according to Reuters.

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