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Several members of the Turkish leadership harshly criticized US President Joe Biden on Saturday, officially Call it genocide The atrocities committed by the Ottoman Empire against the Armenians in 1915. The Turkish Foreign Ministry requested the US ambassador to Ankara, MTI reported.

Biden’s statement is the product of political calculations and has no historical or legal legitimacy. The words of the American president do not harm Turkey, but at the same time they bear a poisonous characteristic of Turkish-American relations.

Turkish President Mustafa Sentop tweeted on Sunday.

On Sunday, Turkish presidential spokesman Ibrahim Kalin indicated that Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan had previously called for the formation of a joint committee of historians to investigate the events of 1915. But he said that those who fear that the truth will emerge in the documents cannot answer the call. , The spokesman said. He also said, by not taking this fact into account, the US President has taken an unprincipled stance.

The United States does not know the history because it has no history

Interior Minister Suleiman Soylu said in a tweet.

The Director of Communications in the Presidency of the State said that it is “regrettable and frustrating” for the bilateral relations that Washington “casts a shadow” on Turkey’s proud history. Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu responded to the US President’s statements minutes after Biden’s announcement on Saturday evening. As he said, Ankara completely rejects what is inside.

Turkish President Erdogan has not yet commented on his US counterpart’s statement. Analysts have previously drawn attention to the fact that Biden’s declaration is, above all, symbolic but historic. It will bother you Turkey, which further worsened the already strained relations between the two NATO allies.

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