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Index – Abroad – The claim of the monks evacuated from Kiev was denied

Index – Abroad – The claim of the monks evacuated from Kiev was denied

The monks, with their invitation, wanted to nullify the decision of managing the monument complex. The latter terminated the contract signed with the Church in July 2013 on the free use of religious buildings and other state-owned property in the territory of the Lavra,

Putting monks of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church on the streets.

In justifying its decision, the court explained: the plaintiff was unable to substantiate or substantiate his claims, according to which, in the event of an “eviction” of the UPC from the territory of the Lavra, there is a risk that the property will be destroyed or damaged, transferred to the ownership or use of a third party, The right of citizens of Ukraine to freedom of religion and residence shall not be violated.

UPC monks, considered pro-Russian by Kiev, were summoned at the beginning of the month to leave the building, considered the most important center of East Slavic Christianity, by March 29.

Based on the decision of the Ministry of Culture, the UPC was supposed to leave the Lavra by Wednesday at the latest, which they did not do, and the liturgy was still performed in Russian on Thursday.

The committee in charge of seizing and transferring the property of Deir al-Kahf wanted to begin its work on Thursday, but

The UPC supporters did not allow the members of the Council to enter the territory of the Lavra.

Pavlo, Metropolitan of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the Moscow Patriarchate, gave a guarantee that God would not forgive President Volodymyr Zelensky for expelling the Moscow Church from the Kiev Lavra.