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Index – Abroad – The chaos is complete, the British Prime Minister may be replaced this year
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Index – Abroad – The chaos is complete, the British Prime Minister may be replaced this year

Britain’s new prime minister, who won the race for office on promises of tax cuts and the mantra of “grow, grow, grow” prompted supporters of the conservative right to send angry messages on WhatsApp on Friday, criticizing her latest turnaround. Corporate Tax While Several Elements of the Planned Budget Have Collapsed – A . Books Politico.

I’ve never experienced such a hot weather as it is now

A veteran Conservative MP backed Truss in the race.

Another deputy who supported him also said:

It’s coming to an end. He will be out of office next week.

Conservative MPs are serious They started searching for him, the mechanism by which a gear can be replaced, as well as the candidates who can replace it. Although party rules make it difficult to replace the party leader and prime minister, the rules can be changed and it is likely to be a matter of removing Truss. No longer whether it will happen, but when. Insiders say his only strength at the moment is that he has no clear successor.

The new Finance Minister announced a complete change of face

This was acknowledged by the newly appointed British Chancellor of the Exchequer, Jeremy Hunt

The Liz Truss government went too far in last month’s mini-budget, and in the near future must raise taxes and cut spending to restore economic credibility.

– Wrote financial times.

Chase In a statement Saturday evening, he said the government must be “honest with the people” and make “very difficult decisions about spending and taxes to reduce debt.” He promised that “the most important consideration in making these decisions will be how to protect and assist families, businesses and individuals in difficult situations.”

The new finance minister’s comments came a day after the prime minister failed to reassure markets by rolling back corporate tax cuts and firing Hunt’s predecessor, Kwasi Quarting.

(Cover photo: Daniel Leal/Paul/AFP)

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