Index – abroad – the Americans applauded billions of dollars in Afghanistan

The United States has squandered billions of dollars on buildings and vehicles in war-torn Afghanistan that have either been abandoned or demolished – Advertise And Yahoo News. And the portal wrote, referring to the Associated Press, that nearly $ 7.8 billion has been spent on such items since 2008, of which only $ 343.2 million has remained in good condition for these buildings and vehicles. Additionally, according to a US government report, out of $ 7.8 billion, only 1.2 billion is the value of buildings and vehicles that were used as originally intended.

According to surveys, the American public is now tired of nearly twenty years of military conflict, but Joe Biden reconsidering His predecessor Donald Trump wrapped it up with the Taliban a year ago Peace agreement. It has yet to be decided whether to withdraw the US forces by May 1, as agreed, or to stay and continue the war. Meanwhile, talks are continuing from Taliban insurgents and the Afghan government, but the reassuring outcome of the forty-year-old conflict here is still very far away.

According to Bill Roggio, an analyst at Long War Journal, the data on the material is not surprising. The Taliban have destroyed a lot of buildings and vehicles with their attacks, but the loss of property is not only due to the corruption pervading the society, but also due to

Without thinking they stuffed the cash into a bottomless bag.

He added that not only public buildings should be built, but also maintained and protected. In addition, inefficiency, communication problems, and corruption have been greatly understated. The latter was exacerbated by an abundance of money, among both American and Afghan manufacturers.

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