Index - Abroad - Tens of millions die in Afghanistan led by the Taliban

Index – Abroad – Tens of millions die in Afghanistan led by the Taliban

Afghanistan has requested humanitarian assistance from the international community. The deputy prime minister in the Taliban leadership said they needed financial help “regardless of political opinions”.

Mullah Baradar said that people in several areas had no food, no warm clothes, no money, and no coverings over their heads.

He says the world has a duty to help the Afghans.

The Taliban seized power in August Western countries, the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund suspended aid to Afghanistan and the United States froze the accounts of the Afghan Central Bank. He writes Wallet.

The United Nations has warned that about half of the population of the South Asian country, 20 million people, is at risk of starvation.

Donors from the Afghanistan Reconstruction Trust Fund agreed in December to disburse $280 million, or nearly $90 billion, to Afghanistan through the United Nations Children’s Fund and the World Food Programme. Also last month, the Organization of Islamic Cooperation indicated that it would establish a humanitarian fund for Kabul.

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