Index – Abroad – Taiwan will establish friendship with America to maintain peace

Taiwan wants to expand its cooperation with the United States to uphold the shared values ​​of freedom and democracy and ensure peace and stability in the region. This was stated by the head of the Asian country in front of American diplomats.

The Telegraph Office said Taipei had significantly increased its defense spending under Kag Jing Fen’s presidency, buying more military equipment from Washington, which has no formal diplomatic relations with Taiwan but is the island’s largest arms supplier.

The relationship between Beijing and Taiwan froze after the government, led by the Taiwanese president, rejected the “one China” principle. Beijing has since sought to limit Taiwan’s room for maneuver on the international stage through diplomatic means, – Conducting military exercises In the immediate vicinity of the island.

Mark Takano, head of the US delegation visiting the island, said that relations between Taipei and Washington have been much more fruitful under Kag Jing Fen’s presidency than before. He added that their commitment to a free and secure Indo-Pacific remains steadfast. According to the American politician, Taiwan is a democratic success story.

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