Index - Abroad - Supreme Court: Obamacare is not unconstitutional

Index – Abroad – Supreme Court: Obamacare is not unconstitutional

On Thursday, the US Supreme Court dismissed Republican objections to the health insurance law, known as Obamacare, arguing that Republican-led states have no legal basis to sue.

The objections were submitted by Texas and seventeen other states led by Republicans in 2018, and were later joined by an administration led by former US President Donald Trump. Their goal was to declare the Supreme Court unconstitutional and invalidate the health care reform introduced by former Democratic President Barack Obama.

They argue that after the Republican Majority Convention in 2017 overturned a provision in the law that anyone without health insurance must pay a fine, Obamacare became unconstitutional. They argue that this detailed rule cannot be separated from the law as a whole.

The Federal Supreme Court, as the Constitutional Court, rejected the objections by 7-2.

The Obamacare program, in effect since 2010, banned insurance companies from denying insurance because of an existing health problem, allowed young people to use their parents’ insurance until age 26, and helped provide insurance to those who need it most. Government support. Thanks to him, millions of low-income people were able to get insurance.

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