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Index - Abroad - Some won't come back from Kabul, the minister was about to gossip

Index – Abroad – Some won’t come back from Kabul, the minister was about to gossip

On Monday, amid scenes evoking the escape from Saigon on April 30, 1975, Western embassies evacuated their embassies in Kabul within a few hours. ThenThe radical Islamic Taliban movement has brought all of Afghanistan under its control as the culmination of an offensive launched in parallel with the withdrawal of foreign forces.

According to official reports, the eviction is as follows:

  • the United States of America Actor Ross Wilson is currently at Kabul Airport. Diplomats leaving the US embassy in the Afghan capital had to destroy not only secret documents but also American flags.
  • China The country’s foreign mission on Sunday warned Chinese citizens in Afghanistan to pay more attention to security, the embassy in Kabul will not close its doors. The stay was not particularly surprising after Chinese Foreign Minister Fang Jie received a Taliban delegation at the end of July and affirmed China’s support.
  • Russia He said the Russian ambassador will meet with the Taliban in Kabul on Tuesday, after which they will decide whether to recognize the new government. They were informed yesterday that there were no plans to evacuate the embassy, ​​but today it was announced that part of the delegation may leave.
  • Sweden He evacuated his entire embassy delegation on Sunday.
  • the United kingdom Yesterday they announced that they would vacate their embassy within 48 hours.
  • France At present, their embassy has been “moved” to the Kabul airport. However, since April, the country has been advising its citizens to leave Afghanistan.
  • Australia Many criticize the fact that they waited so long to organize a military mission to carry out the evacuation. The Canberra government sent a 250-strong defense force to the area to conduct the operation.

And as far as the UK is concerned, the situation is also considered somewhat hopeless at the ministerial level, as evidenced by the video at least in which Ben Wallace, the head of the Defense Department, almost tears in tears that not everyone will return from Afghanistan and sadly the West did what it did .

The first plane carrying evacuees landed at RAF’s Oxfordshire base, Brize Norton, on Monday morning.

to Hungary It has no representation in Afghanistan, and the nearest embassy is in Islamabad, Pakistan. We sent our questions to the Department of State and Foreign Affairs about what the Orbán government knows about the Hungarians in Afghanistan. As soon as we receive a response, we will write a new article.

The last time the Taliban took control of the Afghan capital itself was 20 years ago, two months ago, Since mid-June Captured as the closing chord of the assault that continued, President Ashraf Jani fled to Tajikistan, speechless and speechless, and tens of thousands of people began fleeing on Monday morning. Video footage was seen at Kabul airport They rush a lot Hoping to take off for one of the two planes. A video clip shows people clinging to the side of a US military machine that has just started and is already in motion.

According to the information so far, three fell and died.

Earlier, shots were fired, Americans fired reassuringly into the air, and at least one official told Reuters the evacuating US soldiers pointed their guns at the sky to calm the chaos as Afghans wanted to board their military planes. There were also fatalities in the chaos, with at least five people killed at the time, according to Reuters.

Incidentally, the Taliban promise peace but sharia, emphasizing that after a bloodless takeover, the goal is to form a government of national unity. The new country was called the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan.

The events were also reported by Malala Yusawaz, the Pakistani-born Nobel Peace Prize laureate human rights activist who was assassinated by Taliban extremists on 9 October 2012 for her struggle for the right to education for girls and women but miraculously survived her life-threatening injuries. utterly shocked by the Taliban’s takeover of power, the 24-year-old expressed concern about the fate of women, minorities and human rights activists, and urged more effective intervention by world leaders in her tweet. He demanded humanitarian aid and the protection of refugees and civilians.

Because of the eviction, former President Donald Tomb has called for the resignation of his election rival last year, Democrat Joe Bident. During his tenure, Donald Trump has repeatedly criticized the US military presence in Afghanistan, and during his presidency, the withdrawal of US forces from the Central Asian country under an agreement with the Taliban began.

a Reuters Referring to German foreign affairs contacts, he wrote that at the moment, around 2 p.m. Hungarian time

The evacuation was halted, and the fleeing Afghans blocked the path of aircraft on the runway.

to Germany Chancellor Angela Merkel said earlier that she had to evacuate 10,000 people from the Central Asian country.

The major airlines had earlier announced in quick succession that their flights were avoiding Afghan airspace. Currently, British Airways, Lufthansa, Singapore Airlines, Air France and Virgin Atlantic cannot fly to the Central Asian country, and local air traffic control says Kabul’s airspace is under “army” control.

mentioned in the introduction Parallel to Saigon It’s no exaggeration anyway, Tobias Ellwood, the British Conservative MP, came to mind.

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